Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the process of capturing rainwater for use in irrigation. The most common way this is accomplished is by directing the water from your gutters and downspouts into a large barrel or holding tank. Smaller applications consist of an above ground barrel that is outfitted with a hose spigot at the bottom so the collected water is then gravity fed through your hose to your garden or lawn. On the larger end, underground tanks equipped with pumps are installed to feed an entire irrigation system. Resulting in a major savings on your water bill, or reducing the strain put on your well during those hot summer months. It is much better for the plants to be watered with natural rainwater, instead of the chlorinated stuff that flows from our city water treatment plants. This method also allows us to capture this precious resource before it has a chance to become storm water runoff. So it’s better for you, better for your plants, and better for the environment.